Why Elope?

It’s a big decision to go small for your wedding day!  There are a ton of reasons folks elope:

* Family is spread out all over the USA/world and the logistics of getting everyone together would challenge the most seasoned international event planner.

* One or both of the spouses are in the military.

* The bride or groom is actually quite shy and doesn’t want to be put “on stage”.

* The idea of all the detailed planning gives the bride and groom hives.

* Saving $$ for the honeymoon or a big investment, like a house!

* Only two opinions and no family drama to manage.

* The couple believes exchanging wedding vows is a moment to be shared just between the two of them.

Sharon Sam Wedding Photo0001My husband, Sam, and I choose to elope in 2001 when the trend was secret scandalous elopement or big fat wedding.  So, we went through a lot of the emotions involved with choosing an elopement-style wedding even before “small” was a thing. We understand and believe: 1) going small is a tough decision to make and 2) a wedding of any size is a meaningful life event that should reflect both the bride and groom’s desires. For us, our choice was a Virginia Inn even before thoughts of owning one entered our heads.

If you think eloping is what you want to do, there are many ways of going about it. Here are three blogs I hope help you plan your perfect day:

1. Make sure you understand how to elope.
2. Research the cost to elope.
3. Celebrate your elopement or small wedding!

Let us know if you need any help in planning your big decision to go small!


  1. I never knew that Sharon, no wonder you are such a romantic!

    • Shhh… It’s a big secret I’m a big softy 🙂


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