“Holladay” Shopping

“Holladay” Shopping

As of now, there are 18 shopping days ’til Christmas–providing, of course, you’re not the type of Champion Procrastinator who will be resting up for the next few weeks in order to make a mighty Shop Til You Drop effort on Christmas Eve. (You know who you are, and I salute you.) If that sounds like your modus operandi, this list probably isn’t for you. However, if you’re staying at Holladay House this holiday season and looking for some leisurely shopping–no crowds, no lines, and truly unique finds–all within walking distance of the inn, read on. My mom and I spent a few afternoons browsing Orange’s collection of gift shops, and the stores listed below made our Top 5. However, the list is by no means all-inclusive, and you’ll discover that if you bundle up and take a brisk stroll along Orange’s decorated streets to a few of these highlights, you’ll find other treasure troves along the way.

Briarwood FloristBlog--HolidayShoppingOrange--Briarwood--12-3-14

Don’t be fooled–the unassuming exterior is no indication of what’s inside this aesthetically spot-on shop! Carrying everything from “tea purses” and fancy chocolates to stuffed animals and baby clothes, sparkling ornaments and sweet soaps to garden gnomes and vintage-look umbrellas, this beautifully arranged store has something for everyone– whether you’re buying for your stylin’ little newborn nephew, or your great-aunt who has “everything” already. Located at 307 B Madison Road.

Daisy Chain GiftsBlog--reindeer--12-4-14
Charming little gift store! Most stocking-stuffers for sale are handmade by the owners, with a few imports from the UK. Handmade soaps, paper chains and greeting cards, scarves and baby blankets, and much more—at friendly prices. Plus, you can warm up with a cup of the quintessential English beverage—hot tea, served help-yourself-style in the seating area as you go in. Look for the Union Jack flying outside, by Orange’s train depot at 111 Short Street.Blog--HolidayShoppingOrange--Arts--12-3-14

Arts Center
Check out the latest art gallery display, and visit the handmade-by-local-artist gift shop. I’ve found some great things here over the years, including local-landmark postcards, handmade jewelry, novels by local authors, feline coffee mugs, and “soap in a sweater”. The inventory changes frequently, so you never know what will be available. A great place to shop for people who want to know the origins of their gift. Located at 129 East Main Street.Blog--HolidayShoppingOrange--Maddybugs--12-3-14

Maddybugs (named for the owner’s granddaughter) carries wares with a “country living” flare. Find mailbox magnets, locally-made jewelry and knit goods, candles, soaps, flags, and a wealth of ornaments, snowmen, and wreaths at this cute store. I always enjoy the collection of “sarcasm magnets” and added several to my fridge this shopping trip.
Located at 207 N Madison, next to Schewel’s.Blog--GiftShoppingOrange--shabby2--12-1-14

Shabby Love
Lots of things you’ve seen before, but probably never before like this. This store offers proof that with a little imagination and elbow-grease, even the most everyday things can be spruced up into something special. Located at 112 E Main Street.

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