Antiques to Junktiques

Antiques to Junktiques

My mom is the queen (or at least reigning princess) of junk-shopping, and goes to thrift stores the way most people pop into the grocery store: weekly making her rounds to check on new arrivals. One of my earliest memories involves trotting along behind her as she assembled my entire wardrobe with yard-sale purchases (I vividly remember neon-colored, lightning-patterned shorts–but then, it was the 90’s, and I was still young enough to feel pretty cool about it.) As I grew older, she taught me that junk-store shoppers need not feel burdened to keep the same furniture forever, and it became a running joke–“always check for a chair before you sit!” as my mom cruised through a never-ending cycle of refinished kitchen tables/dressers/couches/bedframes/anything not nailed down. Consequently, when it came time to write about a junk-shop & antiquing trip around Orange, I knew who my Go-To Chick would be.         

Gypsy WillowBlog--GiftShopsOrange--Gypsy--12-1-14

The little-bit-of-everything shop! Just when you think you’ve reached the end, you find another cubby to explore. Quaint ceramics, eclectic framed art, clothing (some vintage), clocks, saddles—you don’t know what you’ll find in this “previously enjoyed” gift shop. A fun shop to explore, located at 212 Byrd Street.


The Painted Lady

Hand-painted furniture, knickknacks, and art—this store feels a bit like an antique store, but with a twist. All painting is done by the owner, who updates classic furniture into unique and personal works of art. Located on East Main Street.


Melrose Antiques


Huge gallery-style antique store, filled to the brim with quality 18th & 19th century furniture (much of it imported from England), statues, and upscale decor. The store also furnishes a huge collection of Oriental rugs–the owner, Gale Danos, is an internationally known rug dealer.  Located at 101 & 107 East Main Street.


Shabby Love

Lots of things you’ve seen before, but probably never before like this. This store offers proof that with a little imagination and elbow-grease, even the most unassuming things can be spruced up into something special. Located at 112 East Main Street.

D&J’s Thrift ShopBlog--D&Js

There’s arguably nothing you can’t find here if you look long enough. A huge, multi-room inventory includes aisles jam-packed with furniture and antiques, clothing and accessories, linens, cds & dvds, tools, baskets and rugs, cooking utensils and dishware, books, and “dust collectors” of every variety and description. Allot a little extra time to spend exploring this “picker’s paradise”. Located at 266 Butler Place.


J.S Mosby Antiques & Artifacts

Canteens & whisky flasks, belts & tassels, sabers & flintlock pistols, original paintings & Blog--JSMosbysculptures, reference books & musical instruments—J.S. Mosby’s stocks not only artifacts for the Civil War enthusiast, but inventory from many of the other great conflicts as well. (Luftwaffe helmet? Check. WWI mess kit? Check.) For the less military-minded, there’s a collection of civilian wares, including antique jewelry. The owner, Stephen W. Sylvia, runs one of the largest annual Civil War trade-shows in the country, and publishes “North South Trader’s Civil War” magazine. Located at 125 E Main Street, next to the train tracks.


Friends of the Library BookstoreBlogAntiquesFriendsOfLibrary

Find a great mix of new(ish) and antique books from all genres, shelved in a little shop  that has that classic used-bookstore feel: books everywhere you look, for prices that allow you to take home an armload without breaking the budget. Located at 120 Chapman Street.

Austin’s Alley

Used furniture and home decor, some sold “as is” and some refurbished with chalk paints and other improvements. Some really cute stuff with a more modern flair than your average “junk shop”. Loved the license-plate topped coffee table, the bench cleverly made out of an old GMC tail-gate, and the purple china cabinet! Check out the great photos, along with pricing info, on their website. Located at 129 B Berry Hill Road.


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